For Carla Collins, Laughter is the Best Medicine


  Susan Ponting wrote this fabulous piece for the Huffington Post. (Or as the kids are calling it, HuffPo). Susan is a terrific, thoughtful writer and my Mom feels this article captures my essence. Since there are no immediate plans to free my essence, I thought I would share this with you. Thanks again for the kind words Susan. View Article

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About Face: Surrounded by kardashians, we long for yesterday’s grand dames


Illustration by Christina Ung Glamour is highly subjective. For some, it conjures images of luxury cars, private jets and exotic locales; for others, it’s a quality anal bleaching. However you define glamour, one thing is certain: It was a hell of a lot easier to maintain a glam life back in the day. The word “glamour” is rooted in magic and spell casting because it’s all about creating an illusion. This is difficult in a …

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  I’m not very cool. My natural state is shaking like a Chihuahua on meth after a couple of 5 Hour Energy Drinks and an eight ball, I admit to having more Daddy issues than a knocked-up small town stripper and I’m less secure than the Mexican border. My finances are a total mess. I just found out that a child in Africa is sponsoring me. I’m a goofy nerd; I haven’t even been to …

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  I often joke that I am currently in between husbands. I’m married; I’m just in between my first and my third husband. Not to worry. No one laughs harder than Ty, my second hubby. I’m just saying that once you break the seal and start numbering grooms, it’s best if all parties involved have a healthy sense of humour. I adore Ty but he just doesn’t have that new husband smell. No matter how …

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All Creeped Out


As a white woman, there are certain inherent truths that define me. My innate love for dogs, my co-dependency on NyQuil and my low tolerance for all things creepy. The following reflects my short list of everything that kinda makes me throw up all over my stiletto heels. Men Who Wear Clogs. Please, women can barely pull off these throwbacks from the seventies. Gentlemen, unless you are standing next to a windmill, do not wear …

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I’m Catholic, All my Pleasures are Guilty


Guilty pleasures are a lot like sleeping with your incredibly handsome yet dim-witted second-cousin: you never admit to it in public, there’s a lot of shame involved and you hate yourself afterwards, but it just feels so damn good in the moment. In these challenging times, guilty pleasures are a must. They are a welcome escape, they help reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. I don’t know if any of the above statements are …

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A Taste of “Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags”


Hope you enjoy this excerpt from my book. You should really buy a copy or six. It will change your life. Well, it might change your clothes… Excerpt from Chapter 7: Celebrities And Other Addictions “A few years back I interviewed Aerosmith, and Steven Tyler hit on me. Now, I realize that this puts me in a club that’s about as exclusive as a Costco membership, but it’s true nonetheless. I think we formed a …

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