• customizes hosting/comedy for any event.  Carla will tailor content and comedy to your company’s (story). 

  • speaks French and English. 

  • regularly raises three to four times the projected goal at charity auctions with her quick wit and her fearless/shameless-ness.  

  • knows how to make it all about you!  Reinventing motivational speaking with an interactive style that takes her off the stage and into your life.

  • has the wardrobe! You get ham AND glam! 

  • is flexible…like her morals! 

  • frankly, is a peach to work with! 

  • has developed Lighthearted Enlightenment, a comedic meditation class that combines endorphin-releasing, hilarious stand-up comedy with a deep, relaxing, delicious theta wave guided meditation. Lighthearted Enlightenment became an instant hit in LA. She was featured on NBC's California Live and the podcast Causes and Cures out of NYC with host Dr. Erin Stair.