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My friend Katie Reese and I came up with the concept of Comedic Meditation because we thought it was a natural fit. Katie is a former member of The Groundlings (one of the leading improvisational and sketch comedy troupes/school based in LA, California).   

I have a history of combining my love of comedy and spirituality including writing a comedic self-help book Angels, Vampires and Douchebags, performing stand-up at the Kabballah Center in Los Angeles and subscribing to Norman Cousins’ belief that laughter can heal almost anything. 

I’ve also practiced yoga for almost twenty years and as a dance instructor and personal trainer, I have often ended my sessions with a guided meditation. I also do a lot of voice work so we thought it might be a good idea to combine all my LinkedIn special skills! 

There is also some science behind the marriage of comedy and meditation. According to a study by Loma Linda University, subjects who engage in joyful laughter produce substantial brain gamma wave band frequencies, which are known to be similar to those experienced by people who meditate, reach a state of contentment and happiness. We thought, why not double down?! 

The Comedic Meditation format also takes the intimidation and “preciousness” out of traditional meditation making it ideal for both newcomers and veterans. 

Everyone who attends enjoys a beverage, bonds, laughs their asses off. Most claim to have the deepest, most relaxing and sometimes illuminating meditation or their lives!

This is likely because they released endorphins and energy while laughing were able to get out of their own heads. 

I have fallen in love with Comedic Meditation. I want to share the experience and make it accessible to as many people as possible, especially my fellow Canadians! 





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"I loved it, being able to laugh before the class calmed me down. I'm a fan now of comedic meditation"
- Amber Pfister, California Live